Healing & Deliverance

Etched in each person’s heart, hidden within our personalities and locked up behind walls of perseverance of life’s experiences are the responses we made and built our personalities upon. Sexual, physical and mental Abuse, absent parents, unforgiveness, and even physical disorders were not in God’s plan for your life but they still exist and God has the answer to it’s affect in your life.

Whether young or old, we all have these emotions and patterns that make up who we’ve become. Even as Christians, they are like areas bound in a tie-dye shirt; they become hidden within the knots that must be untied to expose unforgiveness so it may be saturated with the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Sword of the Spirit Healing Ministries approaches these reactions and patterns to find their root source, so that they can be broken off of our lives and all can be free to be who God has created us to be.

Man was not meant to carry fear, shame, guilt, unforgiveness, anger and pain- all the emotions that eventually can lead us deeper into wounds of depression, illness and despair…even physical or spiritual death. The Bible says that. “He whom the Son of God sets free is Free Indeed!”‘ And it is the desire and heart of Pastor Jack and Sharon Valentino along with their team to offer a door to a new beginning. Through teaching, prayer, and daily truth and ministry, Sword of the Spirit Healing Ministries being led by the Holy Spirit can equip you to be free of the past and it’s affect on you once and for all! To give you the ability to step into a new life and future through Jesus Christ our Lord!